Landscaping Contract

My Three Sons Landscaping Contract 

Between:      My Three Sons Landscaping

2140 Laurelwood Drive
Oakville, Ontario Canada L6H 4S9

P 905 334 5759
F 905 338 5759




1.     My Three Sons Landscaping agrees to carry out weekly lawn care based on which package is selected below.

2.     My Three Sons Landscaping agrees to carry our lawn care for the 2013 Summer season weekly visits (April 15th to October 31st).

3.     My Three Sons Landscaping will be responsible for lawn care (as per Item No. 1)

1Basic service 2Premium Service 3All In Service

4.     THE PROPERTY OWNERS agrees to pay My Three Sons Landscaping a total fee of

$ ___________ (includes all applicable taxes).

5.     Accounts are payable to My Three Sons Landscaping and are due in full upon receipt of this Contract.


SIGNED AND AGREED TO BY:          __________________________________
Property Owner

DATED AT  _____________________ this __________ day of  ______________, 20__.

AND:                              My Three Sons  Landscaping


Per: Steve (Dad), Adam, Michael, Tyler Willhoeft

Remittance Copy               Customer Copy


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